Where Can Household Mold Hide?

Mold is an insidious and dangerous threat to legitimate homeowners health and wellbeing. When you find out you possibly have a mold problem, it can be quite a surprise to discover. While this may seem surprising, there are certain times of the year and areas of your house that are prone to mold infections. We’ll dig into those in todays post so you know where to look and how to avoid such a costly home repair issue.


First, mold cannot exist without moisture. So one of the most common reasons you’ll find mold is either flooding or water damage. This can be either catastrophic or minor, but regardless, stop this before it escalates. Massive rain or snow may cause flooding in your basement and once even a little bit of water becomes stagnant and mold carrying bacteria grows. An earthy, musty smell is one of the main signs you’re experiencing the beginning of a problem and should get it diagnosed as soon as possible.

Another area mold grows commonly is your kitchen or bathroom. Of course there is an abundance of moisture here so this is to be expected. Many people assume the mould is minimal and not dangerous – this is true, but if left unaddressed it can become a more serious issue and affect the health of you and your family. Under your sinks or around the shower or bathtub is where the black mould can commonly be found. Wiping it down with either a simple mould removal solution will do the job, unless of course it’s a more widespread problem.

Finally, there are some circumstances where mold may grow and spread entirely out of sight. This can happen behind wall panels, drywall or even above ceiling tiles. In this case, your senses are your best form of defense. If you think there might be some sort of water damage have a mold inspection company come in and use their specific techniques to precisely locate the origin of the mould.


Full Service Snow Removal Expands In Ottawa

Snow removal services are these solutions that let individuals take relief from the constant snowfall by removing most of what has gathered in and about their house in their laneways and side walks. While most people in Ottawa may enjoy certain aspects of the winter, one we can all agree that we hate is having to shovel and clear our driveway or sidewalk just to leave your house.

Most people will just deal with it themselves, but recently the prices of snow removal in Ottawa have become much more competitive and reasonable. A service once thought to be a total luxury can now be yours for the entire season for less than the price of a weekend out on the town. Essentially what you get for the fee is a guarantee of a truck being deployed to your residence once snow accumulation reaches about 5cm – although each limit can vary depending on which snow removal company you go for so be sure to verify beforehand.

The best part about this is, they actually will come back and do a second cleaning of your property once the city trucks have come by and blocked you in again. The advantage of this is you can get out of your home early in the morning, but you won’t have to worry about lifting a finger when you come home because that will be dealt with as well.

For extra areas like walkways and sidewalks you can find a snow removal contractor that offers salting and hand shovelling services as an add-on. This is great for seniors and other individuals who don’t have the time or the energy to deal with these chores themselves.

We recommend finding a snow removal contractor that deals with your neighbourhood and part of the city specifically. Larger operations rarely have the capacity to handle many customers in a timely manner, so references and smaller operations are your best bet.

Regular Movers vs Piano Movers

Hiring a normal moving company was good enough when you decided to move out of your parents house, but there are certain times when you’re going to need a specialized mover if you want the job done right the first time. For large, delicate items like art or instruments, we highly recommend you seek out piano movers in Ottawa specifically as they are more than average movers. These companies work exclusively with upright and grand piano’s and are aware of the intricacies of preparing the piano and creating a plan to get it from point A to point B while minimizing any possibility of damage.

upright piano

Piano movers usually work in teams of 4-5. The first step they would take is to confirm the final destination and assess any obstacles in the way. This includes tight corners, number of stairs, even the type of terrain and weather the day of the move. Piano’s are delicate instruments and any sudden jerky movements can damage the interior components – specialized movers know this and have the expertise to make sure it doesn’t happen.

A quick Google search will reveal there are tons of movers in the Ottawa area willing to move your boxes, but trusting these type of companies with your beautiful upright piano is a mistake. If your item is going to be re-located a further distance, you’re going to want to find a mover with a special truck equipped with straps and pads. What these do, is basically hold the organ in place during the actual move.

Probably the best way to find a qualified piano moving specialist is to inquire at your local music store. While searching online can be fruitful, as previously mentioned there are many moving companies, but rarely can you find one that works exclusively with delicate items like piano’s. As always, do your research and ask for legit references to build your confidence before actually paying for any services.

Affordable Accounting – Where To Find It

Getting the advantage in your small business is key, and it can be done through altering your price or product/service or reducing your recurring costs. One of the most crucial services almost any business has to grapple with is accounting or bookkeeping services. Not many people undertake the task themselves due to time constraints, so outsourcing it, either locally in Ottawa, or to the Phillipines or India. What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing it in house, and what should you do for your specific situation?

The reality is it depends on what level your business or personal filing needs are at. and how much free time you have. Small businesses can usually get away with a local Ottawa bookkeeper for as little as $150-200 a month. It really depends on how many payments you are accepting and the amount of empoloyees you have under your command., but generally it isn’t as expensive as one would think. Retaining a bookkeeper on a monthly basis is also a better way to avoid playing catch up around tax time and reduce the annual stress of wondering if you’ll be penalized by the CRA. Sitting down with an accountant can also serve to help you understand how you can make your day to day financial record keeping more efficient so it actually takes less of your time. It’s highly likely you’re not going to know the exact HST remittance laws, or how to organize your payroll records efficiently, so the higher price for an Ottawa accountant is defintiely attractive.

Other options include outsourcing the work to India via a service like Odesk.com, or using an online bookkeeping service like Wave or Freshbooks. The issue with this is, while it can be useful you won’t get specific advice regarding local Ontario regulations you would really benefit from. The best combination we can recommend would be to record all your own expenses and revenue yourself, and then take it to a qualified bookkeeping service around tax time for finalization. This way you get the ease and convenience of a day to day or weekly solution, but also the professional knowledge of someone with legislative experience here locally. Our website has more details on the average price you can expect to pay for hourly bookkeeping services.

Either way, we recommend making the right decision for your accounting needs based on the size and scale of your business and their specific needs rather than price alone.

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